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Industrial Area, Patel Nagar, Dehradun, Uttarakhand
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About Us

MSME Department (Directorate of industries) is the State level office responsible for implementing the policies and programmes for Industrial Development in the State. The main aim of Directorate of Industries is to provide a comprehensive framework to enable a facilitating, investor friendly environment for ensuring rapid and sustainable industrial development in Uttarakhand and through this to generate additional employment opportunities and to bring about a significant increase in the State Domestic Product, eventually widening the resource base of the State.

The role of the Directorate:-

  • Encouraging investment in Manufacturing and Services Sector.

  • Encouraging Entrepreneurship.

  • Encouraging competitiveness in MSME sector.

  • Directorate of Industries works through DIC’s at the district level.

  • ‘Single Window System’ and ‘Udyog Mitra’ two important facilitative mechanisms are being operated by Directorate of Industries.


DIC's function as:

  • Nerve Centre of Entrepreneurship.

  • Information Centres.

  • Counselling Centres.

  • Single Window Contact & Facilitation Centers.

  • Entrepreneur Memorandum ( EM/Udyog Adhar ) under MSME Act is to be filed in respective DIC's.

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